Client Testimonials

“My father was living in an assisted living facility, and as time went on, his cognitive and physical abilities slowly began to decline to the point that I could not adequately care for him by myself. To compound the issue, I live in Florida, and he in New Jersey. I thought I could handle the situation myself. However, I soon realized I was in over my head and needed help desperately. I contacted Pathways Care Solutions and Laura took my case. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Laura is eminently qualified to manage the myriad complexities that come along with caring for an aging adult. She helped me deal with the assisted living facility, skilled nursing facility, doctors, hospital, therapists, medications and the list goes on. But what impressed me most about Laura is how she personally cared for my dad. She not only helped me manage my father’s care, but she treated him like family. Laura and Pathways Care Solutions is truly a godsend, and I highly recommend their services to anyone who needs assistance caring for their elderly loved one.”

– Doug R., FL

“Although our Mom had a neurologist and a diagnosis of dementia, we were at a loss on how to care for her or how to pay for it. Pat Lombreglia at Pathways Solutions evaluated our situation, met with our Mom and came up with a complete plan for now and the future. She even evaluated my Mom’s health insurance and discovered that she was overpaying by hundreds of dollars a month! That is now money that can be put toward Mom’s continuing care. We are forever grateful to Pat and Pathways Solutions.”

– Pat, River Vale, NJ

“Laura’s assistance with my mother’s care needs was truly invaluable to me. She helped me learn about resources and put a plan in place that ensured my mother received the best care possible. She is sensitive and intuitive and always made herself available when we needed support.”

– Mary Olmsted, Chatham Township

“You will find no better advocate than Pat Lombreglia for your family’s senior health care needs! She possesses the knowledge, skills, and patience to understand your concerns, to explain very complex clinical and insurance issues in layman’s terms, and to act on your behalf both professionally and expeditiously. Additionally, her soothing presence calms and reassures you during a time that can be extremely difficult and emotional on so many levels. Pat successfully guided me through a challenging Medicare appeals process, as well as evaluated skilled nursing care facilities for my dad’s continuing care. All of this involved the review of medical records, interaction with the health care staff, and communication with my elderly mom. At every step of the way, Pat treated my family as if they were her own—with compassion, with dignity, and with zeal. My mom lovingly refers to Pat as her ‘sweet angel.’ I couldn’t imagine facing this time in our lives without her extraordinary efforts and support.”

– Donna Fania, Califon, NJ

“Pat and Laura helped with our mother’s placement and her care for life, but they also were extraordinarily helpful answering all our questions and concerns, with meeting the medical staff about our mother’s care and with keeping our sense of humor through it all.”

– Nancy O. and Ellen S., West Orange, NJ

“As the caregiver for my parents – one with Alzheimer’s and the other with Parkinson’s – my world was falling apart around me. Finding Pat and Laura was the greatest ‘gift’ I could have received. The process of finding a nursing home, completing paperwork and making decisions was made so easy with their knowledge, guidance, and understanding. They are truly dedicated to what they are doing for families!”

– Susan Dusenberry, Oakland, NJ

“Pat and Laura came to our rescue. We had been struggling to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together to get the right plan for my mother’s care. They listened to our concerns, did hours of research, and put together a complete plan for us to follow. It was everything we had been trying to pull together for the last year and were not very successful. I also think it helps for all family members to hear ideas and suggestions from an outside source. We are grateful for the path they have put us on and would highly recommend their services.”

– Pam F., Hillsborough, NJ

“Pat and Laura are warm understanding professionals. These kind of professionals are needed for caregivers and patients. God bless them.”

– Kathleen and Family, Bridgewater, NJ

“When my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I didn’t know where to turn. Pat’s help and support made a huge difference in our lives. She provided support and guidance every step of the way and helped us find all the right doctors as well as an elder law attorney to assist us with all the legal and financial planning. Her concern and compassion for my mother was apparent in everything she did. When Mom couldn’t live at home any longer Pat helped us find the right placement for her and then continued to monitor her care in the facility.”

– Susan F., Madison, NJ

“My sister and I utilized Pathways Care Solutions to help us find a long-term care placement for our mother who suffers from dementia and could no longer live at home. We gave them our ‘wish’ list and they did all the leg-work and came back with a recommendation that met all our criteria. We know we couldn’t have done this ourselves – they were wonderful!”

– Kara and Amanda R., Paramus, NJ

“Pat and Laura are exceptional nurses with years of experience in working with the elderly and people with dementia. We utilized their services when the care facility where our mom was living began to have difficulty managing her dementia. They completed a level of care assessment, and then developed a care plan and worked with us and the staff to make sure her care plan was working well.”

– Marybeth S., Parsippany, NJ