Using Validation to Connect with Someone Living with Dementia

November 5, 2018 —   One of the biggest challenges for those caring for someone living with dementia is maintaining meaningful conversation with their loved one. People living with Alzheimer’s or other form of dementia may be living in a completely different time or place than those around them. Additionally, they may not remember what was said just minutes... Read More

Should You Be Worried About Memory Loss?

July 20, 2018 —   Janet was out walking her dog, when she ran into her neighbor. As she started to say “hello,” she was shocked to realized she couldn’t think of the woman’s name.   Dennis went to work on Monday morning, feeling good after a restful weekend. When a coworker asked how his weekend was, Dennis replied... Read More

Caring for Someone Living With Dementia

May 22, 2018 —   Caregiving is a demanding role. For those caring for someone living with memory loss, the challenges are often multiplied. Frequently, the person living with dementia is unable to communicate their needs, making the caregiver feel guilty that they are unable to fully take care of their loved one. This makes an already demanding role... Read More

How to Create a Happy Holiday for People Living with Dementia and Their Caregivers

December 5, 2017 —   For many, the holidays are a joyful time of reconnecting with family and celebrating the many festivities of the season. However, for many family caregivers, the holidays can add stress to an already challenging role. Along with shopping and trying to squeeze in participating in the events that make the season special, caregivers are... Read More

Exercise May Help Reduce Your Risk for Alzheimer’s

September 5, 2017 —   September is World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. Every 66 seconds, someone in the United States develops the disease. Fortunately, there are many things we can do to mitigate our risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Engaging in mentally stimulating activities, eating well and getting enough sleep all help to reduce your risk. Another way to keep your... Read More

Preparing Visitors for a Meeting with Your Loved One Living with Dementia

August 21, 2017 —   Living with dementia may reduce a person’s desire to spend time with others, but socializing remains essential to improving their quality of life. Numerous studies have shown that socialization is a key component in brain health and helping people living with dementia lead more fulfilling and satisfying lives. Because the need to remain connected... Read More

Art Therapy Enriches the Lives of Those Living with Dementia

June 20, 2017 —   People living with dementia often have trouble communicating and connecting with others in ways they used to. Many caregivers are turning to the arts to help loved ones communicate in new ways – through painting, music and dance. Because the ability to create art draws from different parts of the brain than language, the... Read More

How to Help People Living with Dementia Maintain Proper Nutrition

March 6, 2017 —   March is National Nutrition Month, which helps focus attention on the need for nutrition in maintaining a healthy life. For those living with dementia, maintaining proper nutrition can be a challenge for a number of reasons. They may no longer recognize the food on their plate, they may have a decreased sense of taste... Read More

Dealing with a Diagnosis of Dementia

January 20, 2017 —   According to Alzheimer’s Disease International, each year, nearly 10 million people across the globe receive a diagnosis of dementia. These people and their loved ones are suddenly faced with an uncertain future. Knowing how to prepare for such a diagnosis can seem overwhelming and you may not know where to turn for help. One... Read More

Creating a Joyous Holiday in the Midst of Alzheimer’s

December 5, 2016 —   The holidays are times when we enjoy traditions and reminisce about our most memorable celebrations. For those who are caring for someone living with Alzheimer’s, the holidays can be challenging, as loved ones may no longer appreciate the season as they once did. Add in the normal hustle and bustle of the holidays and... Read More