Our Story

Pathways Care Solutions was born out of a deep desire of its founders to improve and enhance the lives of older Americans.

The company was founded by Patricia Lombreglia and Laura Holly-Dierbach. Each has worked in the field of aging services and health care administration for more than 25 years. Their vision was to create a specialized and unique care management company for older adults, leveraging their extensive experience in aging, Alzheimer’s disease, community health, nursing and health care management.

By combining their unique professional talents and expertise, they are able to respond to a growing need for quality aging care services. Both are passionate about the field of aging and each brings a wealth of professional experience, education and specialized credentials to the organization. You simply won’t find a company with more experience, expertise or passion in helping find solutions for the challenges of aging. 

Pathways Care Solutions offers distinctive care and support services for older adults and their families. We can help you determine what services may be best suited to support your individual circumstances, and encourage you to contact us, so you can start on the path to aging well.