Our Services

As geriatric nurse clinicians with more than 60 years of combined experience, we offer an unparalleled expertise into the issues of aging. We offer a holistic approach to care, focusing our skills on creating wellness in mind, body and spirit for our clients and their family members. Our services fall into three main areas:

Care Consultation

Care consultation includes a comprehensive assessment of all the essential domains of care – medical/pharmacological, functional, cognitive, psychological/social, living environment, and legal/financial. This assessment includes:

  • a detailed health and medical history
  • a medication assessment and reconciliation
  • a cognitive (intellectual and memory) assessment
  • a functional assessment that includes all activities of daily living skills and care needs
  • a home safety and environmental evaluation
  • an evaluation of financial, insurance and legal planning needs

Dementia Care Assessments and Therapeutic Intervention Plans
We also offer specialized dementia care assessments and work with individuals and families to develop the optimal plans of care to help maximize the individual’s physical and cognitive functioning for as long as possible. We may utilize our valued professional relationships with other experts in the field of dementia care when appropriate such as, geriatricians, neurologists, psychiatrists, neuropsychologists and cognitive therapists.

Once the assessment is complete, we will develop a comprehensive plan of care, which may include referrals to medical, legal and financial professionals; making recommendations for home alterations or alternative living solutions; and offering solutions for socializing and support systems. The client, at this point, has the option of taking these recommendations and moving forward on their own, or using our care management services to implement and monitor the plan of care.


Care Management

Once an assessment has been completed and a plan of care is developed, we offer clients and families assistance with implementing and monitoring the plan of care on an ongoing basis. This includes accompanying clients to medical and professional appointments and advocating on their behalf.

If family members live out of town or have busy schedules that don’t afford them sufficient time to have regular caregiving roles, ongoing and regular care management can provide them with the peace of mind they need to know that their loved one is being well cared for. We can help arrange and monitor services for home care, errands and transportation, medical appointments, and much more.

We have experience developing relationships and working with older adult clients, and understand how to ease their concerns and lessen the anxiety they sometimes feel about accepting help. We strive to always support our client’s dignity and independence, and to respect and honor their lives, relationships and accomplishments.

Placement Assistance

We have extensive knowledge about New Jersey’s health care facilities including hospitals, short-term rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes and subacute rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities, adult day care centers, short-term respite care programs/services, and independent senior living and continuing care retirement communities. We can assist you to find the right care setting for you or your loved one’s specific needs and desires, and help you to plan and coordinate the transition and relocation. Unlike placement agencies, we never accept a referral fee or “gratuity” of any sort from facilities we refer to. We refer solely on the basis of our knowledge and assessment of the facility based on experience and quality metrics.

Crisis Intervention and Conflict Management

It is not uncommon for families and clients to contact us when they are in a crisis situation. Often, individuals and families find themselves in a situation that had, at first, seemed manageable; then the situation may change and they can become overwhelmed and confused about how to make the best choices. We are able to help you quickly assess the situation and establish the right priorities, and regain a feeling of control and stability.

In addition, sometimes not everyone involved in the situation may be in complete agreement about direction or decisions related to care. We can help family members to resolve conflicts and enhance communication by assisting to establish clear direction and open lines of communication in an objective and unbiased manner.

Other Services 

In addition to health and care planning issues, we are also able to assist our clients with legal and financial issues by reviewing your situation and offering referrals to highly qualified estate and elder law attorneys and financial planners and advisors, and, when necessary, accompany clients to legal and financial appointments.

We offer our clients temporary or ongoing bill paying assistance to help avoid mistakes such as an important bill not being paid when it is due or errors in recordkeeping.

Frequently, we provide assistance with insurance-related issues, such as help with reviewing/understanding long-term care insurance policies and preparing Medicaid applications. In addition, we also provide consultation assistance with Medicare issues related to denials for care or services, such as Medicare Part A coverage denials for subacute rehabilitation or skilled care.

We are passionate about increasing awareness and providing education about aging care issues. We offer education and consultation services for health care and related professionals, health care facilities, families and caregivers, community groups, and corporate employee assistance programs.