For Health Care and Professional Partners

Pathways Care Solutions works with physicians, elder law attorneys, bank officers, home health care agencies, and a wide variety of other community support services. We partner with these professionals on behalf of our clients to ensure they receive the best possible care and support.

We work with healthcare professionals to coordinate and manage our clients’ medical needs. We serve as a point of contact and communication to ensure that the full team of healthcare professionals has the client’s most current information. Our ongoing care management services help to ensure that your patients are receiving the monitoring and assistance they need with daily medications, follow-up appointments, scheduled testing and regular monitoring of their psychosocial, functional, and cognitive status. Our services support transitional care programs by providing professional ongoing care management  to ensure a successful transition from the hospital to home or a rehabilitation or restorative care facility.

We work in partnership with elder law attorneys by providing comprehensive care assessments and individualized plans of care designed to promote a client’s maximum level of functioning and well-being and safety. We are here to help you in crisis situations, with the goal of reducing the need for frequent crisis management. We can also assist you with complex cases that may require reports for court and ongoing care management services.

We also provide assistance to trustees and accountants on behalf of our clients. Our care management services are customized specifically for each client and can include services such as bill paying assistance, home and environmental safety assessments, placement and care service assistance and coordination, scheduling and attending medical appointments, and ongoing care consultation with regular updates and formal reports.