Natural Ways to Help Manage Chronic Pain

September 20, 2018 —   With opioids under increasing scrutiny, many seniors are being left to deal with chronic pain. Earlier this year, Medicare cracked down on long-term, high-dose prescriptions of opioids, making it difficult for many seniors to get the pain relief they need. And yet, opioids are highly addictive and cause problems. So what can you do... Read More

Six Tips to Help Prevent Falls Year-round

September 5, 2018 —   Fall Prevention Awareness Day is on September 22, which is also the first day of autumn. For seniors, fall prevention is particularly important as the risk of falling increases as we age. And the consequences of falling also increases as we age – seniors are much more likely than their younger counterparts to experience... Read More

An Annual Eye Exam Can Help Increase Senior’s Independence

August 20, 2018 —   August is National Eye Exam Month. The American Optometric Association recommends that adults age 61 and older get an eye exam every year. This is particularly important because few conditions of aging erode an older person’s independence faster than losing their eyesight. As we age, our risk for many eye diseases increases, such as... Read More

The Importance of Palliative Care in Achieving Better Health Outcomes

August 6, 2018 —   Palliative care is a medical approach that focuses on improving an individual’s quality of life through pain and symptom management. It seeks to improve a person’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and, unlike hospice care, palliative care can be used in conjunction with curative treatment. And yet there is still a pervasive misunderstanding about... Read More

Should You Be Worried About Memory Loss?

July 20, 2018 —   Janet was out walking her dog, when she ran into her neighbor. As she started to say “hello,” she was shocked to realized she couldn’t think of the woman’s name.   Dennis went to work on Monday morning, feeling good after a restful weekend. When a coworker asked how his weekend was, Dennis replied... Read More

Declare Your Own Independence this Fourth of July

July 2, 2018 —   One of the biggest fears people say they have about growing older is losing their independence, either due to illness, physical limitations, or simply an aging body that doesn’t perform as well as it used to. Freedom to live our lives the way we choose is part of the American dream. To ensure that... Read More

Six Health-Inducing Activities We Think You’ll Enjoy

June 20, 2018 —   When you hear about ways to improve your health, you may internally wince. Living healthfully often means abstaining from things that bring us pleasure – such as having that extra slice of chocolate cake or binge-watching the latest series on Netflix – or engaging in things we don’t particularly enjoy – such as exercising... Read More

Separating Fact from Fiction on the Subject of Aging

June 5, 2018 —   One of the reasons ageism is so rampant in America is that there are numerous erroneous and deeply held beliefs about what it means to grow older. You’ve undoubtedly run across many of these yourself. The media is rife with aging’s negative stereotypes – from a grumpy old man to a frail older woman,... Read More

Caring for Someone Living With Dementia

May 22, 2018 —   Caregiving is a demanding role. For those caring for someone living with memory loss, the challenges are often multiplied. Frequently, the person living with dementia is unable to communicate their needs, making the caregiver feel guilty that they are unable to fully take care of their loved one. This makes an already demanding role... Read More

Those Living with Limited Mobility Can Still Remain Physically Active

May 7, 2018 —   We’re all aware of the importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy mind and body. We’ve discussed its importance in helping prevent Alzheimer’s before. But what if you’re living with arthritis, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease or another condition that makes exercise difficult or even painful? Physical activity is critical for everyone, including those living with... Read More